Videos on Frantz Fanon

Gordon, Lewis.  “Fanon at 90.”

Hudis, Peter. “Why Frantz Fanon Matters for Today’s Struggles:”  Part 1–   

Part 2–

Judy, Ronald.  “Fanon on the Question of Species: Humanism as Restlessness.” Mbembe, Achille.

“Fanon and the Politics of Viscerality.”

Mbembe, Achille.  “Reading Fanon in the 21st Century.”

Rasel, A. and Sagor, M.  “Frantz Fanon on Colonialism and the Question of Decolonization of the Third World.”

Wininger, Kathleen.  “Frantz Fanon’s Philosophy of Resistance.”

Wilderson, Frank.  “Frantz Fanon and Lesson from A Not So Dying Colonialism.”

Transcolonial Fanon Conference 2011:

Scott, David.

Mendes-France, Mireille Fanon.  .

Maldonado,-Torres, Nelso.n.

Conde, Maryse.

Martin, Reinhold.

Abu-Manneh, Bashir.